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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Here's Another Disappointment

The "Urban Legend" had it that seven cans of Red Bull would kill you. I've had four and didn't feel any ill effects. Now, Hani tells me he had seven the other night and he's still breathing.

He sent me this LINK so you can figure how much of a given non-alcoholic beverage it will take to do you in. Turns out I could off myself with fewer cans of Cherry Coke than with Red Bull. By 124 point something to 125. Good-bye kidneys. They don't list Lipton Citrus Flavored Green Tea. That's why I'm gonna live forever.

Speaking of that braggart Hani. Check out THIS latest installment on his blog. Notice he doesn't mention a certain five mile run in Alexandria (Egypt) last spring. Where was MY laurel wreath?


Anonymous said...

That site shows the number of shots it would take to kill you, not cans. Anyone know how many shots are in a can?

mike247worldwide said...

Nah, you're wrong. I got this directly from the site:
"You could drink 291.07 cans of Cherry Coke before croaking."

CANS. Not shots.

Thanks for visiting though.

Anonymous said...

mike247worldwide, hey!
I love Paulo`s work and just want to let you know about his work in internet also :)
have a great time!

Hani said...

Just when you thought you were going "extreme"...