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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Rolling along through the Bulgarian countryside...

Took a six hour bus ride from Sofia to the Black Sea coastal town of Sozopol. First settled by the ancient Greeks, then the Romans, the Bulgars, the German Army, the Russian Army, then armies of German, Slovak, Brit, Russky and Belorussian tourists. And now finally THE AMERICAN TOURIST! Haven't seen another Amerikansky since arriving. Lot's of condo/apartment development. Beautiful area and very affordable. I could see buying a place here. The winters are quite mild I'm told. Stalin knew what he was doing when he BS'ed Churchill and Roosevelt out of the Black Sea at Yalta in '45. Warm water ports.

Laid out on a nice beach yesterday (topless, no less!) But, alas, it's 4 October. The Summer season is over. Thus the pickings were slim.

Got some great pix, but can't get them on at this internet cafe. Will have to wait a couple days 'til Istanbul.

I'm very relaxed. My friend, Miro, sold his condo here so I'm staying at a nice little B & B & D(inner). Ate and drank (Slivovitz and Bulgarian Merlot) late with my hosts last night. Among us we could understand about 20 words.

Had a great time. Ran 6 this morning.

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