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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Anna Nicole and Brittany

I'm sorry Anna Nicole died and left that baby. But, I am sick to death of the breathless babbling on the news channels about these two bubble heads. Enough already.

Anna Nicole had no talent. NO TALENT! Having a set of Ack-Ack guns big enough to drop the space shuttle does NOT qualify as talent. Exploiting them may, but still...

Brittany could carry a tune. I'll give her that. And she exploited herself something fierce. But, in the past couple of years the girl has lost it. Having money has not been an uplifting experience for her. She is managing to make Kevin Federline look good. Well...not good, but not so absolutely pathetic. Still pathetic, but not absolutely pathetic. Just baseline pathetic.

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Anonymous said...

Boy, am I with you on this one! It is really, really scary when the news makers believe this is the only thing happening in the world AND that it is interesting enough to talk about Ad nauseum! Crazy, crazy world we live in...... Barbarella