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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I Probably Could Have Done Without This

Came home from the gym yesterday. As I walked in I heard the distinctive sound of water gushing. Outside of Niagara Falls, Old Faithful, or maybe rafting down the New River in West Virginia that is not a good sound.

Apparently ( well, not apparently. It actually happened!) a pipe , which runs over my bedroom, burst. The weather has been beastly cold these past few days with temps holding near zero. So I suppose there was ice in the lines.

Suddenly I had an indoor swimming pool. In my mind swimming pools are more bother than they're worth. This one certainly was.

But, I got a crew here pretty quick, the insurance adjuster is due this morning and in a few days it should be as good as new.

The funny thing is in spite of all the water I think the overall damage was not too bad. The carpet's ruined, the insulation (a lot of good IT did) is wasted, the ceiling tiles are shot and the mattress and box springs are "belly up," but my "stuff" came through fairly well. I got the furniture out and wiped it off as best I could. A few things were soaked, but clothes can be cleaned. Some papers were drenched, but mostly they look like things of little or no value anyway.

It could have been worse. I could have been away for a month (Imagine the water bill alone!). By my lights, if you ain't stuck ridin' around in the back of a HumVee in Baghdad you ain't got no gripes.

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