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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Unlike A Good Neighbor

Now the hassle starts. I get a call from State Farm. They ask me about the damage, etc. THEN she says we'll send you an envelope, you cut out a piece of the carpet and send it back to us for evaluation (postage paid of course.)

What happened to "Like a good neighbor state Farm is there?" Not sufficient. I demanded an adjuster to come out. "No problem (I hate when people say that), we'll have an adjuster contact you today." Will he come out today? "Oh we don't know that. It depends on when you and he are available."

Nice. I'm supposed to leave to see Mick the day after tomorrow.

But at least the guy just called. He can't come out til tomorrow, but he said to go ahead and start working on it.

So we'll see.

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