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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust...

This is the sad tale of my Fuji camera(s). I think it was back around Christmas 2002 Jan gave me my first digital camera. It was something like a model 3000, 3.2 Mega pixels, I think it was 3X zoom. It was a nice little camera. Served me well.

Almost exactly two years ago it met it's untimely demise in the Forbidden City of Beijing, China. I had set it on a tripod to take a group picture when a gust of wind blew it over onto the stone paving and smashed it to bits. I was going to India in two days and desperately wanted to replace it before I got there. You'd think, since apparently EVERYTHING is now made in China, I would have no trouble finding Fuji #2. You would be wrong.

But, luck was with me. Sort of. transiting through Inchon International Airport on my way to Delhi I found a nice Fuji 5000, four megs, 10X Optical zoom. $525. It was a lot, but I really wanted a decent camera, so I bought it. (Later, in Beirut I saw the same camera for $475. But, by then I had already had the India experience.)

It was great. Most of my early blog pix were taken with that camera. It had all sorts of bells and whistles. I loved it.

Then another disaster. This one of my own making. After a summer afternoon in 2005 kayaking on the Ohio River I stupidly set it on the ground to load my kayak on top my XTerra. While I was securing the thing I got a call on my cell. Long story short, I drove off and left the camera lying on the ground. Thirty miles later it dawned on me. I drove back, but...gone. I hope old #2 is living a good life somewhere in southern Ohio.

I was sick. But, I checked in Best Buy and the Fuji 5100 was now down to $250. So began the life of Fuji #3. Fuji 3 served me like a champ. You've seen it's handiwork as I visited the Pyramids, Baalbek and Sri Lanka. We were a team.

Sadly "three" was not to live to a ripe old age. It was caught up in the maelstrom of two days ago. I thought I could dry it out, but it was fried.

At least this time the insurance company will foot the bill. Fuji #4 has been ordered. It's actually up to the 5200 model now.

I don't know what fate awaits #4. I will try to provide for it as best I can. "As best I can" has thus far turned out to be pretty pitiful.

That's the way it is with my cameras, live fast,die young and leave a good looking corpse.

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