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Friday, February 23, 2007

Gearing Up...

Another trip starts this week. So far only one new country on the schedule and it's the first one: Morocco. A good start.

I'll be out a month. The first three weeks for US Educational Group. We're hitting Morocco, Jordan, Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait and back to Baku, Azerbaijan. After that Jason Combs (of Mike and Jason's Excellent Central American Adventure last summer) and I are buzzing off to Bulgaria. We had the idea of renting a car and running through eastern Europe like the Wehrmacht. But, it turns out, rental car companies in the region have limitations on the countries you can drive their heaps into. We can hit Turkey, Greece, Romania, but no Bosnia, Macedonia, etc. We might do a combo car rental and train. Would be nice to visit ol' Vlad the Impaler's digs in Transylvania.

We'll only have a week, so we'll play it by ear.

I find myself being testy this week. Good thing I live alone. It is always this way. Back when I used to run the Boston Marathon Jan always said I was tough to live with the last week before. I don't know why that is. I think I have a good excuse this time what with the house being a shambles and all.

It's all put back together now. Only thing to be done is for the cleaning ladies to give the place a thorough going over. They're coming Monday for that. The realtor has been updated. Now all SHE has to do is find me a buyer.

Got my first half property taxes and my 2006 income taxes paid. Utility bill is paid forward. Gas is automatic. Credit cards up to date. My bags are packed. I'm ready to go.

Think I'll order pizza tonight. No need dirtying any dishes.

OK, Sunday night I fly. Monday morning I wake up in Paris. Monday afternoon in Casablanca. Let's go! (I love this.)


Hani said...

Happy traveling. See you in Dubai.

Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage and enjoy the big wide world for me! I am soooo jealous! Barbella