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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Another UNESCO site looms on the far horizon..

Mick's Blog has a reference to some petroglyphs in St. John, US Virgin Islands. He took me up there when I visited last year. If they get included, AND THEY SHOULD, that will be another on my list.

Follow the link to see the pix. I don't have them in my folder on this computer and I'm too lazy to make the transfer.

Besides, I gotta go run.

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Anonymous said...

Today I rediscovered The Best of What's Left. You're doing exactly what you told me you were going to do. Great job, man! I enjoyed reading about Mick. I know that Jan is smiling over both of you with her loving approval.
Amy and I are well, 35 years married July 1. Matt's in Law School at Cleveland Marshall, studying hard, but also practicing the art of stress relief that OU taught so well.
Your friend,
Bill Gambrel wjg5511@zoominternet.net