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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Down under in Alex

Hani and I dove a couple tanks off Qaitbay Citadel today. I've posted about Qaitbay before. Last October. Earthquakes in past millenia sank major portions of Alexandria into the Mediterranean. It's not the world's greatest diving. Visibility was miserable and that water was freakin' COLD! This is a Google Earth image of where we dove.

I took some pix with an underwater camera. I'll get them developed later, but I'm not too confident in the results. The silt was pretty thick and my main concern was not to lose track of Said, the dive master, and his yellow fins. Several Greek Amphoras on the first dive. A few headless Sphinx, remains of an ancient lighthouse (One of the Fabled Seven wonders of the World)and a few other objects I couldn't figure out. There was a kind of carving of a woman.

You know, Egyptians climb atop their antiquities all the time when the tourists aren't looking. Not really. This is a fake. The Sphinx that is. Not me. I'm all too real.