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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

This Blog may be problematic here in KSA

This was a high school we visited today, our last day in Saudi. Private, all male, very nice. The kids and faculty were very welcoming. Many good questions and a lot of interest in our schools. As in so many schools we visit the interest in studying in the US is high. These guys want to be engineers, doctors...high performers. As are so many young people we meet in the Middle East they are quite concerned with how they will be treated when they come to the US. The fear factor overlays everything.
It is difficult for us Americans #1. to fully comprehend how hard it is for someone to WANT to come to the US and to be afraid at the same time, and #2 to convincingly explain to them how well they will be accepted. The date 9/11 hangs over everything.

The architect of what happened that day went to this school.

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