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A man of many words. Profane, profound, loyal to a fault and a right rat bastard. I love the finer things in life: expensive cigars, cheap women and all the salted, cured meats I can eat. A friend to dogs, lover of humanity and despiser of people. If I were King the world would be a better place, because, well...I would be King! Oh, and I like ice cream.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'd Rather Have My Lips Stapled Together

A guy I know called today with a dinner invitation. Nice restaurant. He and his wife. And someone else for me to meet. GAAAAK! I do not like this idea. I told Mick. He said, "Better you than me!" My sentiments exactly.

I'm hoping they don't read this blog. I'm just uncomfortable with the whole idea. Like I'm part of a cattle sale. Her too. Can't be comfortable for the mystery lady.

Oh well. Chuck'll no doubt insist on picking up the check. I think I'll order the 23 ounce Porterhouse.

Servers him right.


Shantzee said...

Hey Mike --eat the steak !! Ihope she is a brunette!!

Anonymous said...

I hope she's a he.

macy bryce said...

there isn't a challenge that you have faced...
that you haven't faced it with grace.
he, or she,
blonde or brunette....
you will meet the circumstance the same way
you've met your mountains:
as a challenge!
enjoy your steak.
macy bryce