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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Tonight (or actually this afternoon) is my dinner-date. Hence D-Day. The feeling leading up to this is strangely familiar. I think I remember this feeling.

Thirty-some-odd years ago, when I was a young paratrooper, I would get this same sense in my gut leading up to a jump. You went through all this rigamarole getting prepped for the jump. Make out the manifest, get all the troops assembled, move 'em down to Green Ramp, check out the gear, practice the parachute landing falls (PLFs), get the gear on, load into the back of a smelly, noisy aircraft (all bunched up and uncomfortable), get the last minute commands from the Jump Master, wait for the green light. Go! Sweet release when your Main opened. Land in one piece. Walk away.

It's the same with this. Like this I volunteered. Like always I question myself for volunteering. Like always I'll be happy to walk away in one piece.

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