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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Getaway Day

At the Gate
Cinci to Paris to Amman, Jordan. Eight PM flight. I'll meet many of our tour group in Paris (Charles DeGaulle) tomorrow morning.

I love international travel. I love travel in general. You know that if you've paid any attention at all to this blog. But, Getaway Day is a pain to me. All the waiting. You spend the whole day clock watching. "So many hours until I leave for the airport. So much time to get my workout in (I ran eight miles this morning, the last under seven minutes, a rarity any more), so much time to shower and shave, eat, finish packing, gas up." LEt me just get going. Once I clear security I'm happy.

I got to CVG around five PM, so lots of time. Looking forward to seeing my friends again. Sad to leave Saps. She always knows when I'm not just running to the store. How many more trips does she have to say goodbye? She's at my parent's. They'll spoil her. She deserves it. She's a good dog.

Now for some chow, a look at the bookstore (Borders, nothing jumped out at me. I've already got five or six books in my pack. I stopped to get gas and finished my latest Flashman, "The Mountain of Light," before arriving. Had to stop at a gas station for a half hour to finish the final 30 pages. Didn't want to take it nor leave it unfinished.), and for my favorite activity, people watching.

Dinner of choice appears to be Sbarro's Pizza topped off with a large Starbuck's Chai Tea Latte. This time tomorrow (more or less) I'll be dining on Jordanian Schwarma. Hot cha!


Barbarella said...

Hello Miguel, I am so jealous! I want to travel overseas again but there is nothing looming on the horizon at the moment! You really should get a job with the Travel Channel - they are looking for people to shoot their trips and send them in and you would be PERFECT for this - knowledge of where you are, quick witted and not unpleasant to look at :}! Something to think about.

All the best for a fabulous trip. Can't wait to see the photos.

Anonymous said...

Looking at you makes me sick.