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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Readers Write:

Anonymous said...

Mike, sorry to say, but I don't think you would recognize a lie if you came across one. I think maybe you've been touched by too many environmentalist whackos over the years. There was a show on a week or so ago..I was channel surfing and came across it on NGC (National Geographic) and it surprised me to learn that volcanic gases and ash which go into our atmosphere almost daily at varying rates actually cause a cooling effect because they block the sun's heat from being absorbed..they block light..so much so that an eruption over a hundred years ago in Greenland, I believe, caused temps in the eastern US to drop an average of 10 degrees for a whole season. The weather changed dramatically for about a year. Part of way God designed it, I think. Say did you ever check out the book I recommended a couple of months back, Darwin's Black Box, written by a real scientist with no agenda?
Didn't think so. Your mind sounds like its made up permanently. Oh well, His Word says someday all will know the TRUTH.

Athens, OH

I figured Mike might miss my response in the Comments section, so here it is:

Sorry Bub, I READ Behe's book. It was full of such irreducable crap I could barely stomach it. Behe's problem is he thinks if something is too complex for HIM God must have made it.

Q.E.D., my friend. Q. E. D.

As to "an eruption over a hundred years ago in Greenland." Well, technically you're close. In 1783 Benjamin Franklin postulated that volcanic dust from the Laki volcano in Iceland caused a 1 degree Celsius cooler than normal summer in the northern hemisphere. You're probably think of Krakatoa, which blew in 1883.

It is a kanard of the right to cite naturally occuring phenomena and give great credence to that and toally ignore man's effect.

Talk about minds being permanently made up. Have you read Collapse?

You ignore man's effect on his environment at not only your, but your children's and their children's peril.

Thu Oct 05, 06:04:28 PM PDT


Anonymous said...

Perhaps your anonymous friend should read the Judge ruling made by Republican-appointed Judge Jones in the recent trial over intelligent design in Dover, PA. I'd say that Jones made mincemeat of Behe's argument, but frankly, if you read the decision it's clear that Behe made a fool of himself all on his own.

-another anonymous friend

J.C. said...

This kinda shit really steams me. Tell this guy to go get a degree in Geology.