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Saturday, October 21, 2006

My Response (This is so much more fun than actually working!)

Dear Mrs. Wang Chung,

Thank you for your epistle. I am sure I would be a great misrespresentative for your company. I come from a family of rag merchants and feel I am highly qualified to fill your position.

Here are my contacts ifirmation as requested:

> [FULL NAMES]: Shitz A. McGuffney
> [FULL MAILING ADDRESs]: 69 Upyerass Avenue (Opp. police barracks)
> [COUNTRY]: Untied States of Amerika
> [REGION]: Furburger
> [AGE]: 72
> [SEX]: Not for some time now
> [MARITAL STATUS]: polygamous
> [OCCUPATION]: Sales misrepresentative
> [CURRENT EMAIL]: lagiwekim@yahoo.com
> [TEL/FAX]: (608) 334 7734/ (608) 334 7733

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