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Saturday, October 21, 2006

A New Scam Approach

I got this one this morning. Interesting. They're looking for someone "trustwothy." Hey, that's me all over. Besides, they're offering 11:5% commission! AND they're illiterate. How hard can this be? Like taking candy from a baby. I think I'll answer and see what happens. By the way, there actually IS a Wujiang Wanlida Textile co., Ltd. Here's the letter:


How are you doing, I am Mrs.Wang Ceng,md/ceo wujiang wanlinda textileco;ltd.i am involved in the manufacture and exportation of textile materials to europe,canada,america and some part of the Middle East.

I really need representatives in these regions/provinces for my business to suceed as it is,and that is the reason why i am contacting you now.

Because I am looking for a man/woman who is trustworthy to be in charge of receiving cash on my company's behalf in his/her country.if you know you are not trustwothy please do not bother to reply at all because there is a lot of money is involved here,all I am asking you is if you would like to earn. For the first 60days Reps will receive 11.5% commission on every transaction processeds.
After the 60day trial period, commission will increase to 20:5% from any amount you help us collect from our customers.

Things were not as difficult as this for us exporters in the east because checks from these countries never took any time before they cleared in our territory but now it takes weeks and this slows down production for us.some of these customers even send checks that will not clear eventually at the end of the day and this creates more financial problems for us eastern businesswomen/men.

The best part of this job offer is that you do not have to leave your present place of employment because it is on a part-time basis.You can ask any question concerning the areas where you are not clear and I
assure you that I will answer them to the best of my knowledge.

Please if you are interested to work with us in good faith and honesty, Contact MRS WANG CENG of this company Through this email address below:And also forward your contacts iformation list up below:

Kindest Regards
Mrs Wang Ceng.

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