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Monday, October 02, 2006

I'm A Newfoundlander Born and Bred and I'll Be One til I Die...

Hey, it's a song by St. John's band "The Navigators." Was up there last week. I was there in 2003. Such a beautiful place. Newfoundland is the Canadian equivalent of West Virginia. Everybody tells Newfie jokes. But, the people (like Mountaineers) are very friendly, the salt(water) of the Earth. Our group was at Trapper John's bar getting Skreetched. I got a certificate and everything. Might want to pick up one of these coonskin caps. Rather dashing don't you think?

My buddy Eddie and I are considering buying a cabin on a bay up there. Would be a great place to watch the icebergs, get naked and howl at the moon (We would be there at seperate times, before you start jumping to conclusions. I like the guy, but not THAT way.) Could be a kayak heaven.

The harbour of Quidi Vidi (Pronounced Kiddie Viddie)

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