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Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Day on the Mekong

We finished our Mekong River journey in Laos today, ending in Loang Prabang, where we will spend the next three days. I really enjoyed the river cruise. Very relaxing and I read a lot. Loang Prabang is a UNESCO World Heritage site noted for its mixture of French colonial architecture and Buddhist temples. Tomorrow I'll post photos of the city. For today it's the river and the people who live on or near it.

And I guess the animals too.

Pak Ou caves. Buddhist statues began being placed here in the 16th century CE. Previously had been an Animist temple. Travellers up and down the water stop to pay homage.
Naturally being a Buddhist temple you had to climb a bunch of steps (308 in this case) to the top cave. Not bad except the temperature was definitely in the 90s F./high 30s C. and the humidity was off the charts. Let's just say it was a good sweat and Mark Schroeder I wish you were here.
Our digs. Sabaidee Guest House in Loang Prabang.
Sign on a neighboring driveway.
The end of a beautiful day!

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