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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hue to Hoi An

We boarded our private bus, shades in place for the four hour ride to Hoi An. Minutes later we nearly ate the rear of a dump truck. Our guide went flying, but suffered injury only to his dignity.
Coastal Viet Nam.
Commercial oyster farm.
Fishing village.
Dragon bridge, Da Nang.
China Beach, which the locals call Da Nang Beach, on account of it being in Da Nang and not China.
Da Nang Beach, formerly known as China Beach.
Temple in Hoi An. A UNESCO World Heritage site (#103)

Japan Bridge. Had something to do with two monkeys and two dogs. I don't know.
People were having wedding photos taken all over the place. Just like in the western world the bride's looked fabulous, the grooms like afterthoughts.
Our digs for the next two nights. Phu Thinh Inn. It'll do.
On a whim I got a little trim. This guy was great. He cleaned my ears like he was a surgeon going in for a cochlear implant. He straight-razored my forehead, ears, cheeks, even my eyelids! I was praying not to develop any sudden tics.

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