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Saturday, July 05, 2014

Jack-Ass of the Week, June 29-July 4.

Kind of slim pickings this week. No one really jumped out at me. Until today.

I see where Josh Gordon, wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, got picked up for Driving While Intoxicated. Now that in and of itself doesn't put you in the running. But this was the guy who, unfairly in my opinion, was given a one year suspension from play for marijuana possession. I was totally in this guy's corner on that little deal. After all, the NFL looks the other way when a player beats his wife. So to screw him over for a year seemed unduly harsh. 

But now he gets busted for drunk driving. Dude, you lost me on that one. You're 23 years old, highly talented and selling your youth for peanuts. You could be living the dream life, but it's all going down the shit hole because you can't get your head of your ass.

And for that you've earned the coveted title.

Ladies and gentlemen, Josh Gordon. Your Jack-Ass of the Week.

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