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Monday, July 21, 2014

One Day in Hanoi

Went on walkabout around the Vietnamese capital. It was HOT and humid' but a very pleasant day nonetheless. Here are some of the things seen:
Sunbeam Bridge in the center of the city.
This was a big turtle. Inside a small temple, which name I never learned (not that it mattered anyway).
The entrance to Hoa Lo prison, better known to Americans as the Hanoi Hilton.
It was originally a small trading village. The French turned it into a prison to house anti-colonial activists and fighters. Reminded me of Robben Island off Capetown, SA, where among others Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.
Very moving displays demonstrate (again) the depths we humans sink to in our treatment of others.
Death Row for Vietnamese prisoners who fought against the rifle dropping French colonial regime.
And yes, these buggers actually used the guillotine!
Then came the American involvement. This is Sen. John McCain's flight suit.
Phot of McCain being "arrested" by villagers.
Changing of the guard in front of Ho Chi Minh's tomb.
I believe that's a MIG-15.
Street scene.
Lenin has his own park here.
One a lighter note, enjoyed a nice Hanoi beer with my Pho and spring rolls.
And topped off the day with a refreshing Gin and Tonic at the Sky Bar atop the Sofitel. I don't think Ho Chi Minh envisioned this.

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