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Friday, July 25, 2014

Hue: Day 2

Spent the day visiting various temples, tombs, a nunnery (very good veg lunch!) and cruising on motorbikes and dragon boats.

We swung by this duck farm, where along with this:
I located the origins of this year's Asian Bird Flu epidemic.
This was the bridge, built in 1776, to a little village where:
I got my fortune read. Although I couldn't understand most of what she said I picked up that I would marry again (a 43 year-old with two kids. OK, it happens.), I would live to the age of 87 and somehow or other I would have grandchildren. I'm thinking the odds of all that coming true have to be astronomical. But, hey, you never know!
Then we visited the tomb of To Duc, a nineteenth century emperor. This complex, along with several others are part of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hue.

Pickin' zits, a universal youth activity.

After lunch at a Buddhist convent we cruised the Perfume River, stopping at a pagoda which is part of the UNESCO site.

Alongside the pagoda area was an enormous cemetery. Many of those buried here were victims of our Vietnamese war.
Looking forward to dinner tonight. Tomorrow it's on to Hoi An.

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