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A man of many words. Profane, profound, loyal to a fault and a right rat bastard. I love the finer things in life: expensive cigars, cheap women and all the salted, cured meats I can eat. A friend to dogs, lover of humanity and despiser of people. If I were King the world would be a better place, because, well...I would be King! Oh, and I like ice cream.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Columbiana Street Fair

Columbiana Street Fair
Originally uploaded by MikeWigal.
The state fair of street fairs. This is the 119th Annual. Enough calories consumed here to feed Sudan. But, the Elephant Ears are REALLY good!

Also 2005 is the 200th anniversary of the founding of Columbiana.


Lis said...

Hey Mike, I stumbled across your blog by hitting that infamous "next blog button." I use the term infamous because as with a box of cream centered chocolates, one is never quite certain what the next choice will bring! Your blog is a very pleasant read!

mike247worldwide said...

Well, thanks I. I appreciate the input. Funny, I've had two comments from Canada the last few days. I love the land up north. In fact my parents are in St. Johns, NF right now. I consider myself a Newfie as I was born in West Viginia, the US equivalent of the maritimes.

I enjoyed your blog. As to wondering what you'll be when you grow up, don't lose any sleep over it. I'm 55 and still wondering. (Which drives MY parents crazy!)