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A man of many words. Profane, profound, loyal to a fault and a right rat bastard. I love the finer things in life: expensive cigars, cheap women and all the salted, cured meats I can eat. A friend to dogs, lover of humanity and despiser of people. If I were King the world would be a better place, because, well...I would be King! Oh, and I like ice cream.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mediterranean Sunset

Mediterranean Sunset
Originally uploaded by MikeWigal.
The view from my hotel. Sometimes I think "This is a pretty good life."


jan said...

Hi Mike,
I found your 'blog' last night after learning of Jan's death. I am a graduate of the YSU Cnslg Dept (1986). I was separated from my husband while I was a student there and I lived in Boardman. I went to OU for a semester after that in their doctoral program in Higher Ed (worked&lived at Marietta Coll)largely because of Jan's contacts there. I left the program after a semester because Mike & I decided to work things out. This Dec. it will be 27 yrs together. I am shocked & saddened to learn of her death. It doesn't seem like 20 yrs since I was there. You sound extremely ALIVE and amazingly resiliant (not to minimize your grief) but I am going to enjoy reading your BLOG...and what I have read has been quite gripping...like a novel I can't put down...Best wishes to you as you keep on movin' down the road of life. Jan

Asha X said...

Hi Mike:

Hello from Halifax, Canada! I came acrosss your site and thought I'd say hello. Reading about why you started your web page really touched me. I'm 28 and soon to be married and can't imagine my life without my Beloved. I also can't imagine life without my parents with whom I am very close. I'm starting to see them age and can't imagine one without the other. Thank you for opening up to life after your wife's death and sharing that. I am very sorry she is gone but, your resiliance certainly is a tribute to the love you shared; it's inspiring! All the best!