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Friday, September 30, 2005

The (I hope) last word on country counts

Had an interesting moment in Milan's airport this morning. Was transfering from Saudi Airlines to Alitalia for the final hop to Sofia. They had multiple arriving planeloads dumping into one line to pass security onto the transfer lounge while another huge group had to cross through our line to get to baggage claim. Mark Schroeder, I could hear the circus music in full swing.

For a moment I thought I could save time and hassle if I slid down to baggage claim, cleared customs, swung BACK to the departure desk and got my boarding pass there. My bags were already checked to Sofia. I would be halfway to claiming an Italy visit. All I would have to do is score a canolli and I'm in. But, I realized then and there the shallowness of that idea. It just wouldn't sell.

So Jason, Hani and everyone else in the debate, I acquiesce. I won't stand by getting drunk, but you gotta at least spend a night and have some kind of cultural experience.

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